Yoga with Dream Time

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I’m a little baby

Yoga with Dream Time

Dream Time Yoga holds you together and keeps you strong.

The Dream Time Routine uses yoga positions for both babies and mums.

The benefits of baby yoga

Babies have experienced being rocked by their mothers through pregnancy. After birth gentle movement and touch together are the basis of synesthesia (the integration of sensory experience, the way babies unify their sensory experiences in a general way through an emotional interaction with their parents or trusted carers). The many practices of baby yoga provide recourses to handle babies in ways that they enjoy and that is good for them at every stage of development. An expanding spiral of joy is created between parent and baby as babies express their delight and parents’ warm responses generate even greater delight.

Physical benefits

  • In one short daily session, babies receive as much physical activity as if they were handled for a few hours. Dream time offers daily routines for parents to engage constructively with their babies from birth as a foundation for future regular exercise
  • Baby Yoga promotes more and better sleep
  • Regular movement promotes a more ‘settled’ behavior with less extreme ups and downs.

Physiological / developmental benefits

  • All the babies bodily systems are stimulated, including the digestive and nervous systems
  • Baby Yoga offers recourses to keep babies contented between feeds and helps alleviate wind and colic
  • Baby Yoga reduces the frustration of babies in the transition of one developmental stage to another while assisting their transitions
  • Tactile stimulation has been shown to contribute to the development of the brain and the nervous system.

Psychological benefits

  • Baby yoga helps the parent and baby to get to know each other better through active means of communication that are easy to learn and practice
  • New challenges introduced at a pace that babies can absorb and integrate increase their ability to cope positively with new situations
  • Active interaction with parents is the foundation for future positive social relations over the early years and beyond
  • Joint relaxation is mutually beneficial for parents and babies and enhances non-verbal communication between them. Early birth trauma can be resolved and healed through this loving interaction.

‘Yoga is the artwork of awarness on the canvas of body, mind and soul.’
-Amit Ray

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