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2017 Dream Time Just keeps on growing!

  Dream Time is now an awards and assessment centre with Open Awards so anyone who comes to any Dream Time classes can rest assured that their Dream Time Teacher has completed a Level 3 [...]

April 17th, 2015|

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Becoming a Dream Time  Teacher

Dream Time is different from any other provider in that we place MUM at the heart of the experience. The emotional, physical and mental journey a woman undergoes when she has a baby is extremely traumatic and, whilst baby benefits from the outstanding massage routine, the singing, the yoga and the positive and healing power of touch, other things are going on with mum, that are equally important. A cherished, listened to, supported mum makes a calmer, less stressed baby.

Dream Time Training is also different from any other provider in that we place YOUR journey from (often) being employed by someone else to being self-employed, which can be a challenging time, at the heart of YOUR experience.

We cherish you so that you can become the very best you can be.

It is therefore with equal emphasis on baby’s needs, mum’s needs and your needs that Dream Time Baby Massage is a  Level 3 qualification from Open Awards.

This  Level 3 Open Award qualification in the Dream Time System and associated skills will  be awarded at the completion of a portfolio which demonstrates a deeper understanding of the Dream Time System.


‘A grand adventure is about to begin’
– Winnie the Pooh

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