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2017 Dream Time Just keeps on growing!

  Dream Time is now an awards and assessment centre with Open Awards so anyone who comes to any Dream Time classes can rest assured that their Dream Time Teacher has completed a Level 3 [...]

April 17th, 2015|

With a wealth of experience and expertise, 20 years in the making, Dream Time Baby Massage provides in depth and comprehensive training that covers the following areas over a 16 week training course.

The Qualification is a Level 3 Open Awards Award and puts Dream Time Teachers as the highest qualified Baby Massage and Movement Therapists in the UK.

The course covers the following:

How transitions within the Dream Time routine underpin the Dream Time philosophy.

How using Social Media and Advertising is used to promote and protect the Dream Time philosophy.

How medical issues can be highlighted and soothed by the massage and movement in the Dream Time routine including the benefits of massage, yoga and soft gymnastics on the emotional, brain/eye coordination and spiritual development of mother and child.

How singing can have a positive effect on the social, emotional and medical well being of mother and child.

How to run a small business as a sole trader.

How the use of specific aromatherapy oils benefit mother and child.

How the Dream Time environment benefits the physical and emotional well being of mother and child.

How to recognise symptoms of PSND, Baby Blues, Baby Pinks and how to use counselling skills to support women who are suffering from any form of peri-natal depression.

How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs support women who are struggling to re-identify after having a baby.

How the Dream Time philosophy is underpinned by the Waldorf Steiner Approach to parenting.

Dream Time Baby Massage Teachers are required to produce a portfolio of work as they train. They are also required to do 3 case studiesĀ  in order to gain the Open Awards level 3 qualification.

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