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Sing Along with Dream Time

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Does Singing To Your Baby Have Any Benefits?

Singing to your baby has tremendous benefits, both for you and for your baby, and these benefits can be found right from pregnancy.

The US Journal of behavioural medicine has published research put forward by scientists who have shown that singing can strengthen the immune system. A choir of vocalists were medically tested both before and after a 60 minute choral rehearsal.

The results showed that concentrations of immunoglobin A (proteins in the immune system which function as antibodies) and the anti stress hormone hydrocortisone increased significantly during the time that they were singing. This led to the conclusion that singing strengthened the immune system It also led to the conclusion that singing improved the mood of the singer.

When you become a new mother your immune systems invariably suffers, from lack of sleep, and also from the baby taking nutrients from you if you breastfeed. So the benefits of singing for a new mother will be tremendous. With the mood boost that comes through increasing hydrocortisone, singing may also help combat the negative hormonal changes that cause baby blues.

The benefits are also well documented for young babies. Music is proven to have a calming effect on baby, and the human voice is a natural comfort for a baby. Singing lullabies and soft songs to your baby will help them learn a sleep routine. Singing familiar melodies can also help settle a crying or fussy baby. And as your baby gets older singing songs can help develop language skills.

The quality of your singing is not important, you do not need to sing in tune, or sing anything complex. Your baby will feel the benefits as will you regardless of your skill level. Nursery Rhymes are an excellent way of singing simple melodies and simple rhyming words. You could also make up your own songs, by using your own words over the melody of your favourite nursery rhyme. Sing along to the ‘Sing with Dream Time Baby’ CD is a fabulous way of getting yourself inspired and singing.

Sing a long with Dream Time

‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.’
– Plato

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