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When does the training take place? 2015-12-11T12:42:21+00:00

The training dates are to be found on the Training Dates page. There are only 4 places available on each training course.

Training – what exactly will I be qualified in? 2015-12-11T12:44:23+00:00

At the end of the course you will receive a CPD (http://www.cpdstandards.com/) accredited certificate which gives you formal recognition as a Dream Time Baby Massage instructor. CPD accreditation is a nationally recognised accreditation. You are not allowed to train anyone else in Baby Massage as the routine and trademark belongs to Dream Time.

You will also be qualified as a Dream Time Baby Massage and Movement Teacher and will be awarded  an Open Awards Level Three Qualification on the completion of your portfolio.

Will I need specialist insurance? 2015-12-11T12:39:44+00:00

You will  need Instructor Insurance which works out at about £50 a year. I use Holistic Gold but of course, you are welcome to find your own brand. It is up to you keep your insurance up to date and relevant.

How do I get first mums through the door? 2018-04-23T13:01:18+00:00

Usually, but not exclusively, because each new Dream Time teacher comes as a direct contact from an existing one, the reputation of Dream Time in your area will already be established. Much like a tree grows and leaves rings in a circle around a central core; Dream Time’s intention is to build outwards. We will use all aspects of social media and existing links with reputable web sites such as Net Mums, who awarded Dream Time the Silver Award for best pre- school activity in 2012. You are encouraged to visit local baby groups and NCT groups, doctors surgeries, libraries, Church Groups, Nurseries and other, more local mum’s groups (most of whom are already aware of Dream Time) to let them know when your Dream Time Classes are starting.

What kind of web-site will I need to have? 2015-12-11T12:36:49+00:00

You will need your own Dream Time Baby Massage page which will be liked to the main web-site under ‘Find a Class’ Any other web-site you wish to create will need to use the same branding as Dream Time and can be linked to the main Dream Time web-site.