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April 17th, 2015|

Babies, before they are born, engage with many of their senses.

Once they are born, Dream Time Baby Massage helps develop your babies senses through strong loving touch, lullaby song, gentle movement and social time.

Babies are born with an awareness of their own bodies. They move within the womb. They push, they grab, they suck their thumbs, they kick, they pat, they wriggle, they lick the walls of the uterus and they practice breathing. Your baby can hear you, they know your smell, they remember how it feels to be calm, to be excited, to be shocked, to be loved.

Dream Time Baby Massage builds on the experiences in the womb and broadens it so that you and your baby can bond even further in a supportive, relaxed, calm and inclusive environment.

The benefits of being a Dream Time Baby are boundless.

Singing soothes and brings on language development.
Dancing brings balance and joy.
Yoga leads to muscle development and flexibility.
Massage means relaxation and bonding as a unique closeness is established.
Massage means less colic, more sleep, less stress, more weight gain, less anxiety, more brain activity, less tension, more bowel movements, less pain, more trust.

BondingĀ brings laughter, brain development, and new found co-ordination.
Sharing stories through baby babble, means making new connections, and new friends.

The benefits of being a Dream Time Mum are Delightful

Singing soothes anxious souls.
Dancing brings post-baby muscle tone.
Yoga restores flexibility and inner core strength.
Massage using Dream Time oil relaxes and soothes you when you are tired.
Play time opens doors to handling your baby strongly and you growing in confidence.
Sharing stories with friends keeps the isolation and fear that goes hand in hand with being a new mum, away. Baby Blues and Post Natal Depression are very different things but either way getting out, meeting other mums and sharing, will always help.

‘Those aren’t piggies silly… Those are my toes.’
– Your Baby

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